Eating for health

As firm believers in the ‘prevention is better than cure’ approach, we are delighted to invest in a new nutrition programme for all staff at The Cabling Group Ltd and The Audio Visual Group. As an employer, we believe we have a responsibility to look after our team and have therefore enlisted the help of Camilla Elms, a registered nutritional therapist to provide information and guidance on how to make healthier choices.

We launched the programme at the end of last week, with Camilla leading a session on why good nutrition is so important and the benefits of making some positive changes to what we eat. She didn’t just leave it there but went through some practical ways of improving our diets and wellness in general. The team were treated to a healthy lunch after the session to get things started.

As an added benefit, each staff member will be able to book a one on one session for a more in depth, individual assessment. Moving forward we will be posting some tips / recipe ideas in the hope that this can benefit a wider audience too.